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Kitty Heart Silver Ring

Material: 925 Sterling SilverSize: 7+ adjustable (Open Ring)..

₹725 Ex Tax: ₹725

Twisparkle 2in1 Rings

18k gold filled rings made from alloy.Sizes Available: 6, 7, 8Type: Friendship/Couple/Solo Ring...

₹185 Ex Tax: ₹185

Black Ring Set

finger diameter 16MM=size 617MM=size 718MM=size 819MM=size 9if you know your finger Perimeter.You ca..

₹249 Ex Tax: ₹249

Simple Heart Ring

Heart Ring with 18k Gold Plating over alloySize: 6.5Colors: Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, Silver..

₹99 Ex Tax: ₹99

Soul Mate Couple Ring

2- inner diameter of 1.7cm, 0.4cm wide1- inner diameter of 1.7cm, 0.5cm wide..

₹425 Ex Tax: ₹425

Elvish Leaves Ring

Ring Style & occasion: Open ring, everyday, marriage, giftingMaterial: 100% Pure Hypoallergenic ..

₹599 Ex Tax: ₹599

Swiss Snake Ring

Material: Alloy with silver plating.Size 6 & Adjustable...

₹225 Ex Tax: ₹225

Split Parts Couple & Friendship Ring

Signature ring for couples & friends.Color Available:SilverSize:#6.#7.#8.#9.6 =16mm Perimet..

₹250 Ex Tax: ₹250

Angel's Feather Ring

Made with 100% Pure Silver & micro cz diamonds.A Long Lasting & accurately crafted ring.Size..

₹850 Ex Tax: ₹850

Meow Kitty Ring

100% Pure SilverSize: 7 + Resizable ..

₹550 Ex Tax: ₹550

6 claws Diamond Ring

High Imitation 1.2 carat silver plating ring...

₹249 Ex Tax: ₹249

Cross Arrow Ring

Inlaid with AAA+ Micro Round Cut Clear Cubic Zirconia diamonds with three times gold coating. (Mirro..

₹540 Ex Tax: ₹540

Majestic Crown Ring

A Classic 18k Gold Plated Ring, Best gift for your Queen.Environmental Standard: Lead,Nickel,Cadmium..

₹799 Ex Tax: ₹799