Get Free Shipping.

How to receive lesser or free shipping.

Here we'll tell about how you can receive free shipping when you order from our store. The trick is very simple, you just have to follow this steps-

  1. Liked a product? Add it to cart! - First you have to go through the product you liked, or wish to purchase, select it's variant (Size, Color) & add it to cart.
  2. You'll see the cart page ( The product title, it's price & quantity). Also there's a shipping chart just below it. 
  3. Now you have this two options- 
    Increase the product quantity OR go back to category & add some more products in cart which will increase the total amount of your order
  • Increasing  product quantity through the cart section, (you can buy the same for your friends too?)-
  • For adding other products before you checkout, you have to either go back using back button or land on the homepage by clicking on the Logo. Search & add some more stuffs into the cart.

The cart will now have two products, You can repeat the same steps to increase order amount, the shipping cost will be determined by the sum of their costs. You may need to add multiple products in cart page, Shipping is free when the total amount of cart is above Rs. 500.


    Wasn't it easy? Let's continue!:)