Resellers Club

Join our V.I.P. Club by,

Select Reseller option when you create an account on Trendy Way for special rates.

Please Note: COD is currently unavailable for Reseller members, we're working on it & it'll be available for a few extra charge in future.

If you've already registered a regular account, mail us at for account upgrade request.

Benefits of Reseller account: 

1. Special Rates for resellers.

2. We can Dropship the product directly to your customers which saves your shipping charge. 

3. You could create entry of your customers by visiting account section (My Address Book)

4. We ship with the product by your store's name also support customized branding.

5. More discount & promotion levels when you increase monthly transaction.

Do you have something awesome to sell? Let us know & apply for a Vendor Account on Trendy Way.

For any further enquiry about how reseller system works WhatsApp us at 9039394862. or email:

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